Knitting Lab #2: Socks!

Rawr_Sock_puppetAfter a first knitting lab earlier this year, Knit-o-matic and us are launching a second edition, this time targeting socks!

Most people who participated to the first edition had a lot of battle stories about socks: they don’t fit, don’t like how the toe box feels, hate picking up stitches, fear knitting with fingering weight yarn, second sock syndrome, the list goes on. We think this kind of project is perfect for a collective lab: it’s more motivating when other people join in!

The rules are the same: bring your yarn and needles (or buy some at the store), a pattern (we’ll have a few for inspiration during the first few sessions). We provide the support, the encouragements and the fun! Join in person or online — commenting here or on Instagram, we don’t have a Ravelry group yet — and make sure to share your progress and especially lessons learned!

The sock lab will start on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 from 5h00PM to 8h00PM @ Knit-o-matic (1382 Bathurst St., Toronto ON, south of St-Clair West).

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