DIY: Yarn Swatch Picture Frame

cofHi. You’re looking good today! Lemme ask you something: have you got walls in your home? Do you swatch when you knit? Wanna make something super quick and super cool that will make your friends swoon and will impress strangers all across the land? Yeah! Yeah you do!

I got the just the thing. We’ll frame one of those swatches! Let’s get started.


Yarn and a frame
Some yarn, a frame, some time and VOILÀ!

For this sweet thing of a quick DIY, you’ll need:

  • A picture frame with a matte. For this project, we’ve used the cheap and cheerful IKEA Gunnabo 8×10 frame, which, quite appropriately, comes with a matte!
  • Some yarn to swatch. For this project, I used three different colours of Zara yarn by Filatura Di Crosa.
  • You might also want to use a sheet of cardstock or construction paper to help securing the swatch inside of the frame.


  1. Swatch that yarn! Make sure that your swatch is slightly larger than the size of your matte. If you’re unsure of your swatch size, you can keep the matte around for reference, measuring as you go.

    The selected yarn, in the swatching process
    Swatching. It’s a process.
  2. Once fully swatched with the ends woven in, give that swatch a wash. Of course, you’ll want to follow the proper yarn care instructions. Let the swatch dry on a flat surface. You may want to block it with pins or, if you’re wild like me, you may let it hang loose on a flat clothes dryer.

    The swatch, washed
    Once washed and dried, your swatch will lay flat.
  3. If you want to, now’s the time to take some cardstock to secure your swatch on. Measure and mark the size of your matte on your sheet of cardstock and then cut. If you’ve got a sewist in the house, do not use fabric scissors. You’ll never hear the end of it.

    Holder paper being marked
    Mark where you’ll need to cut the cardstock. I prefer marking and cutting along the lines instead of cutting directly along the matte, to avoid damaging the matte.
  4. Secure your swatch to the backing of the frame, or to the cardstock. I used a glue stick to truly secure the swatch. If you plan on reusing that swatch at some point, you may want to pin it at the top and bottom instead.
  5. On a flat surface, sandwich together the frame backing, the swatch (with cardstock if applicable) and the matte. Give it a good look to make sure that all is to your liking and insert it all back into the frame.
  6. Bask in the glory of your awesomeness!


You’re done! You now have a nice little piece of home décor to spice up that interior. Congratulations!

As an alternative, you may also want to swatch a certain stitch pattern you enjoy or play with yarn colour. You could also decide to showcase a crochet swatch or even a woven block! Just have fun with it!

If you tried this DIY, let us know! Post it on Instagram and tag us @yourfiberintake

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