Announcing our first Knitting Lab: Sweater!

The magic of science applied to garment! Joke aside, the Sweater Lab will be as easy and much more fun!


The new year is often a time to set new resolutions, try new things and cast on many projects. This is also a great moment to get out of our comfort zone and undertake something a little more involved.

In collaboration with Knit-o-Matic (the owner Haley was a little quicker than us to announce the project), we are launching what we call a Knitting Lab! We will be studying the sweater for its first iteration.

What is a knitting lab? This is a hybrid between a knitting social and a knit-along. We take the best elements of the knit-along (the company, support and motivation), while avoiding “one pattern, one yarn, one project for everyone” element. With the lab, you get empowered to choose your own project and progress alone with like-minded individuals.

Why a knitting lab? During the past year, we went to a lot of knitting social. The most successful ones are where the participants share tips, insights, patterns and techniques in a relaxed manner. We thought that bringing the same elements but adding minimal directions (since everybody is working on a similar project) would prove useful for less experienced knitters eager to learn.

This knitting lab targets independent knitters from all skill levels. You have knitted scarves, hats or mittens and think you’re ready for a little more? You have many sweaters behind your needles but lack motivation to finish that second sleeve? You’d like to try your hand at a Fair Isle sweater and would like to show your progress and avoid pitfalls? This is for you.

Ok, I’m in. What material is provided and how much does it cost?

There is no fee to join. You will need to bring or pay for your material (needles, yarn, notions, pattern, etc.). The lab will provide during the first few sessions ideas for patterns (free and purchasable) and Knit-o-Matic has quality supplies and yarn available for purchase. After the first week, you’ll already have a clear idea of the end result and will feel confident about your ability to finish the project.

You’ll get assistance into getting your measurements right, swatching successfully and keeping track of your project. We welcome every member to help each other during the lab. On top of that, should you need some one-on-one time for something very specific, you can purchase 15 minutes micro-private lessons for $4,97+tx. This way, you pay for exactly what you need, when you need it.

The Sweater Lab is every Wednesday night from 6pm to 8pm, starting January 17th up to February 28th. You can simply drop in at Knit-o-Matic at 1382 Bathurst St. Toronto (two blocks down from St-Clair).

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